How We Grade Our Vinyl


We try to grade as accurately as possible in accordance

with the guidelines laid down by Record Collector


Mint:  We don't use the Mint grade as we consider that if a record

has been played then it can't be described as Mint. Having

said that, many of the records we grade as EX would be

described as Mint by other dealers. Our EX grade describes

a record or cover in very clean condition - no significant marks or

scratches on the disc and a cover in very tidy condition.

NEX (Near Excellent):  We do use NEX (near excellent) as a grade to

describe a record or cover which has only minor flaws to prevent it

being described as EX.

VG (Very Good):  Our VG (very good) records and covers are genuinely

VG and not the Ebay disasters and trashed rubbish which far

too many dealers describe as VG!!   Where our 45s have been graded at

VG or less then we will have played the record to ensure that it is playable

and enjoyable.                


If you want specific detail about the condition of a record

or cover feel free to contact us by e-mail -

In any event, we guarantee all our stock and if you are

unhappy we will arrange a refund