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We have 1000's of rare 45's in stock - check out our main listings to be amazed - and this is a small selection of some of our rarer items from the 50's & 60's

Elvis Presley - Love Me Tender

HMV - 7EG8199

Condition - VG/EX

This is the first EP that Elvis issued in the UK and it is incredibly scarce. This was issued in 1957 and has the round push out centre. The tracks are - Love Me Tender, Let Me, Poor Boy, We're Gonna Move.

What a great action shot on the cover although grandma in the rocking chair looks completely ga-ga. 


Chantells - Well I Told You

London - HLL 9480 (demo)

Condition - NEX

Issued in 1962 this is a cracking piece of Ray Charles type R n B and a definite cousin of "Hit the Road Jack". The female backing is sassy and prominent.

The stock issue is rare enough and this demo copy even more so.


Beatles - We Can Work It Out/Day Tripper

Odeon - O 23 122 (German)

Condition - NEX/.EX

Original German pressing of this classic double sider in a moody black & red cover. Ringo's either wearing a hat or his barnet has gone tragically wrong.


Jimmy Charles - A Million To One

London- HLU 9206

Condition - VG

Scarce 1960 issue of this slow doo-wop ballad which sounds a lot like Frankie Lymon.

The 45 is graded at VG but it plays fine. 


Vogues - Magic Town

King - KG 1035

Condition - EX

Yes, I know they're a bit square but this is a lovely Association-like ballad and it is really, really rare. This copy even has a King company bag and how often do you see those? 


Johnny Burnette - Dreamin' EP

London - REG 1263

Condition - NEX/NEX

Johnny Burnette was a great rock n roller who evolved into a pretty good ballad singer. His EP's are all very scarce and this 1960 issue is very elusive.

Tracks are - Dreamin', Love Me, Settin' the Woods On Fire, Please Help Me I'm Falling


Fats Domino - Blueberry Hill

London - HLU 8390 (round centre)

Condition - EX

A seminal rock n roll tune from one of the true greats and difficult to find with the centre intact and in decent condition.


Lloyd Price - Lawdy Miss Clawdy

Speciality - 428-45 - U.S Issue

Condition - EX

Issued in 1952 on a very collectable U.S. label this is a splendid slice of R n B with a rolling piano that wouldn't be out of place on a Fats Domino hit. Thsi copy has a small neat sticker on the label because it came from a serious collector who looked after and catalogued his vinyl.  


Elvis Presley - Tickle Me EP

RCA - RCX 7173

Condition - NEX/EX

The mid-sixties were something akin to wilderness years for Elvis in the UK and his EP's in particular were very poor sellers, hence their scarcity today. This EP has tracks from the film "Tickle Me" and they are - I Feel That I have Known You Forever, Night Rider, Slowly But Surely, Dirty Dirty Feeling, Put the Blame On Me


Dion & Belmonts - A Teenager In Love

Laurie - 3027 (U.S.) - sticker on label

Condition - EX

Great slice of teenage angst written by Pomus & Shuman and belted out by the young Dion.

Covered a million times but the original is still the best!


Who - My Generation

Brunswick - 05944

Condition - EX

Third outing on 45 for this legendary band but the first one to really make a mark. It still sounds vital today but the aged Townshend must regret those "hope I die..." lyrics.

Another 45 that's tough to find in decent condition.


Yardbirds - Over Under Sideways Down

Columbia - DB 7928

Condition - EX

It's a terrific track with great guitar but, how on earth did they think this disjointed slice of psychedelia with its' cossack rhythms and weird lyric would be a hit. The EP with the same title is well worth picking up too but it is exceedingly rare.


Tornados - Early Bird

Columbia - DB 7589

Condition - EX

The Law of diminishing returns! This 1965 issue, a Joe Meek production, was still harking back to Telstar but that particular space-ship had gone. A big miss and very scarce.


Johnny Hallyday - Serre La Main... EP

Philips - 432.780.BE (French)

Condition - NEX/EX

Original French E.P. by the Gallic Elvis (you need a pretty good imagination....)

Here he tackles - in French - Shake the Hand Of a Fool, Garden Of Love, Twisting the Night Away, A Girl Like You - and it's pretty good if you're that way inclined. He certainly looked cool.


Beatles - Hard Day's Night (Japanese)

EMI Odeon - EAS 30002 (Japanese)

Condition - NEX/EX

Japanese 4 track E.P. in a picture cover and with a lyric insert. The tracks are - A Hard Days Night, I Should Have Known Better, Please Mister Postman, And I Love Her


Barbarians - Are You a Boy Or Are You a Girl

Laurie - LR 3308 (U.S.)

Condition - EX

There can't be too many bands with a one-handed drummer - Def Leppard and this lot spring to mind. This is a classic piece of garage rock from 1965 is snotty and punky, perfect in fact. The drummer, Moulty, eventually set up a cleaning company....


Tommy James - Crimson & Clover

Roulette - R 7028 (U.S.)?

Condition - EX/EX

Classic piece of bubble-psych from 1968 and I'm assuming that this is a U.S. issue but it has a fixed in 3-prong centre which is unusual for U.S. issues. In any event it has a nice picture cover which is certainly rare.


Jimmy Reed - Baby What You Want Me To Do

Top Rank - JAR 333

Condition - EX+

It's a tune that every budding guitarist soon figures out and the Stones regularly play it at sound checks but you can't beat the sloppy Jimmy Reed original. It's surprisingly rare to find as an original 1960 issue and this is a very nice copy indeed.


Vipers Skiffle Group - Skiffle Music EP

Parlophone - GEP 8615

Condition - EX/EX

After 50 years or so it's hard to understand the impact of skiffle & Lonnie Donegan but, without skiffle-mania a lot of the British superstar guitar players (Page, Beck, Clapton etc) wouldn't have taken up guitar and there would have been no Led Zep or Cream. This very rare EP is typical of the genre - souped up versions of Leadbelly and blues tunes filtered through post-war British sensibilities. The Vipers were led by Wally Whyton who went on to make quite a few folk albums and to front some well dodgy TV programmes. 


Wilbert Harrison - Kansas City

Top Rank - JAR 132

Condition - EX

There must be a million versions of this tune out there but this rough & ready version is still the best. This 1959 issue is a tough one to find and this is a nice copy indeed.


Brian Bennett - Canvas

Columbia - DB 8294

Condition - Mint

Seriously rare 1967 45 taken from the very collectable "Chage Of Direction" LP. Mr Bennett did, of course, become a legend of the Library Music scene and this storming track is a precursor to his library work. And stock copies like this are much, much rarer than demo copies


Hootenanny Singers - Maltidssang

Polar - POS 1059 - Swedish

Condition - NEX/EX

Scarce 1968 Swedish pressing from the band that featured Bjorn Ulvaesson in his pre-Abba days. he looks just the same!


Muddy Waters - My John the Conquer Root

Chess - CRS 8001

Condition - EX

It would have been a minor miracle if this 1964 classic blues track had troubled the charts or found Muddy wowing the Top Of the Pops crowd. Very, very scarce....


Rick Nelson - That's All

Imperial - 5910 - U.S

Condition - EX

Original American pressing of this 45 and it has the original Imperial bag to set it off.


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