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Salt - Beyond a Song

Grapevine - Grapevine 111

Condition - EX/EX

1977 album from this six piece Irish group with two female vocalists. The material is self composed and of high quality. It's a John Pantry production so quality is guaranteed


Cave Of Living Stream - Sixteen Songs

Indigo - IDS 5567

Condition - EX/EX

Dark and slightly unnerving 1974 album based on the teachings of St Ignatius Loyola and helmed by Wilfred Usher and William Hewett. It's deep and rare and not recommended for Sunday School....


Achor - End Of My day

Cedar - CEDAR 1

Condition - EX/EX

Seven female vocalists and a full band make up Achor on this scarce 1978 album. All the songs are by Claire White and very lovely they are too.


Valley Of Achor - A Door Of Hope

Dovetail - DOVE 18

Condition - NEX/EX

Linked to the band Achor, this is a much sought after and lovely 1975 album. A full eight piece band with female vocals tackle self-composed material. Beautiful cover too. 


Gill Colin & Desmond - History Of Love

Profile - GMOR 142

Condition - EX/EX

Everything issued on the Profile label is rare & collectable. This 1977 album has the trio backed by a full band on contemporary pop & folk flavoured material. The back cover has been autographed by Gill Hargeaves.


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