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This is a small sample of our soundtrack and T.V. related albums. You can access our main listings from the "Listings" page.

Hugo Montenegro - More Music From UNCLE

RCA - RD 7832 (mono)

Condition - NEX/EX

For kids in the 60's this was a hugely popular series and had most of us talking into pens and collecting the trading cards. This is the second album of music from the series and it's fabulously groovy but don't play it whilst driving or you'll get a speeding fine!


Soundtrack - Casino Royale

RCA - RD 7874

Condition - EX/EX

Classic 1967 film with David Niven as James Bond and Peter Sellers as the baddie. The music is by Burt Bacharach with contributions by Herb Alpert and Dusty Springfield. The cover is nice and groovy too.


Soundtrack - Deep Throat

Light In the Attic - LITA 011 - U.S

Condition - EX/EX

Controversial film about blow-jobs which made Linda Lovelace a star. It would probably be shown on Ceebeebies these days but it's still good for a laugh. The music is wonderfully cheesy and this copy comes with a nice poster.


Superman - Original Radio Broadcast

MARK 56 - U.S

Condition EX/EX

Fantastic picture disc containing Episodes 1 to 4 of the original radio broadcasts. A limited edition and great for framing.


Soundtrack - Billion Dollar Brain

United Artists - UAS 5174 - U.S. Issue

Condition - EX/EX

Mad Ken Russell film from 1967 with a suiably mad soundtrack by Richard Rodney Bennett. The film starred Michael Caine & Karl Malden and I wonder if either of them include it on their CVs...


Soundtrack - Blue Max

Mainstream - S/6081 stereo - U.S. Issue

Condition - NEX/EX

Great film and a great soundtrack from Jerry Goldsmith. Surprisingly it didn't get a UK issue despite being a box-office hit.

Fantastic all-action cover too.


Bullet - The Hanged Man

Contour - 2870 437

Condition - NEX/EX

Much sampled soundtrack from a very gritty 70's UK TV series. The personnel of Bullet are not credited but the music was composed by the very highly rated Alan Tew and he used only the cream of UK session men.

The actual music is a mix of funk, jazz & rock and it really is top drawer stuff.


Soundtrack - The Italian Job

Paramount - SPFL 256

Condition - NEX/EX

Iconic film and a great but surprisingly rare soundtrack. It's by Quincy Jones and features the irresistable "On Days Like These" by Matt Monro.


Group Alpha - Space Drama

Group Alpha - Space Drama - KPM - SBH 2977

Brilliant & rare KPM library album featuring avant-garde music on a space theme. Side 1 features the fabulous "Radiophonic Suite" composed by Trevord Duncan and played by Group Alpha. Side 2 has a number of pieces based on the Space Theme by Monia Liter, Raymond Bennell, Naresh Sohal & Clare Grundman

A classic KPM album in other words!


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