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This is a small sample of our exotica, easy and avant garde albums. You can access our main listings via the "Listings" page.

Ananda Shankar - Ananda Shankar

Reprise - K 44092 

Condition - NEX/EX

Sitar player Ananda combines with rock musicians to produce a fabulous fusion of East/West. Sitar and tabla clash with moog and guitar on wild versions of Jumpin Jack Flash, Light My Fire and original compositions. 


Button Down Brass - Funk In Hell

DJM - 22046

Condition - EX/EX

One of the best and most sought after exotic-funk albums and certainly one of the best covers. The Button Down Brass issued plenty of albums and the quality tends to vary but you can buy this with confidence on the strength of the titles alone - Hell Fire & Brimstone, Shades Of Hades, Lucretia MacEvil, Evil Ways.... 


Lord Sitar - Lord Sitar

Columbia - SCX 6256 - stereo

Condition - NEX/EX

Storming 1968 sitar driven rock album featuring covers of I Am the Walrus, I Can see For Miles, Eleanor Rigby amongst others. It was suspected that George Harrison was Lord Sitar but his identity has at last been revealed as......Big Jim Sullivan. 


Edward Ramsbottom - Ideas 1

MacMillan -

Condition - VG/EX

Another of those weird and wonderful collections made to help schoolkids express themselves as budding artists or imagine that they are trees or streams. This is a 1969 issue and is a great example of the hippy culture permeating the mainstream. There is also a school text book made to accompany it and I'd love to have a copy!


Collage - Misty

Columbia Studio 2 - TWO 410

Condition - EX/EX

What have we here!

A typical cheesy cover shot hides the identity of Collage but the back cover reveals that they are Brian Bennett (Shadows drummer and Library Music legend), Alan Hawkshaw (another Library Music legend) and bass player Dave Richmond. This could easily have been issued on KPM but I guess they persuaded Columbia to give it a full release.

The material is easy - Wave, Misty, Who Can I Turn To - along with a couple of excellent self composed tracks.


Charles Wuorinen - Time's Encomium

Nonsuch - H 71225

Condition - EX/EX

What a fantastic label! Even weirder than ESP, they would release pretty much everything that couldn't get a release anywhere else. This 1969 album of experimental synthesizer music consists of one long piece split over two sides and it's brilliantly done - challenging but rewarding. If you like the very early Tangerine Dream albums this could well be for you...


Perrey & Kingsley - Kaleidoscopic Vibrations

Vanguard - VSD 6525

Condition - EX/EX

Terrific 1971 album from these Masters Of Moog. Usual mix of farts, burps and great tunes too - covers of One Note Sanba, Winchester Cathedral and some weird and wonderful self-composed stuff too. And a cover to make your eyes water...


Various - Voices

Argo - DA 91

Condition - EX/EX

Another of those splendid records for use in the classroom in conjunction with a radio programme. This 1968 release is a fascinating mix of musique concrete, poetry, world music and the bizarre. There's even a track by Shirley Collins & Davy Graham.


Groupe De Recherches - Musique Experimentales

BAM - LD 071 (French)

Condition - EX/EX

These early albums of experimental music are incredibly rare and incredibly important as influences on the way music developed, particularly so with German avant-rock.

This is a mix of musique concrete, tape manipulation and early electronics created by Francois Bernard Mache, Romuald Vandelle, Michel Philippot, Luc Ferrari ans Andre Boucourechliev.

The BBC Radiophonic Workshop must have been taking notes!


Moondog - Moondog

CBS - 63906

Condition - EX/EX

Amazing story - weird blind man walks the streets of New York playing weird music on weird instruments and gets a contract with CBS. Couldn't happen these days!

Is it jazz, avant garde, classical? A fusion of all of these I would say and a dose of strangeness too.


Brian Jones - Pipes Of Pan At Joujouka

Rolling Stones - ESS 63009 - Japanese

Condition - NEX/EX

The late Stone didn't issue much music under his own name so this album has become one of his major artifacts even though he only "presents" the music on offer.

It's a good example of world music before it became fashionable and is a must for Stone completists.


Hugo Montenegro - Moog Power

RCA  SF 8053

Condition - NEX/EX

So...in 1969 Hugo Montenegro spends some of his earnings from the Man From UNCLE soundtracks on an early moog synthesizer and goes mental.


Radiophonic Workshop - Radiophonic Workshop

BBC - REC 196

Condition - NEX/EX

Of course, this was a group of BBC boffins toiling away in a chaotic sound-lab and trying to produce themes and sound effects for 100's of radio & TV programmes. What they didn't appreciate was the influence they were having on a whole generation of creatives who were beguiled by the synthesizers and musique concrete.

This brilliant, brilliant, mad album features the talents of Dick Mills, Glynis Jones, John Baker, Paddy Kingsland, Richard Yeoman-Clark, Malcolm Clarke & Roger Limb.

Where else are you going to find "Major Bloodnok's Stomach" ?


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