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This is a small sample of our soul & blues albums. You can access our main list via the "Listings" page. 

Gil Scott-Heron - Free Will

Flying Dutchman - FD 10153 - U.S Issue

Condition EX/EX

Everything on Bob Thiele's Flying Dutchman label is very collectable - including the dreadful Wally Whyton LP (how did that get there?!). This 1972 album, with the usual support from Brian Jackson, confirms Gil's position as one of the most important and influential black artists. Funky and political.


Big Joe Williams - And His Nine String Guitar

Folkways - FS 3820 - U.S

Condition - VG/EX - with booklet

The Folkway's issues are truly important social documents as well as containing some great Americana. This 1962 issue contains stirring Mississippi blues from Big Joe Williams and an informative biographical insert with lyrics. 


Various - Switched On Blues

Soul - SS 720 - U.S.

Condition - NEX/EX

One of the rarest collections issued by the Motown oranisation. This has tracks by Sammy Ward, Gino Parks, Stevie Wonder, Mable John and Amos Milburn


J.B.'s - Pass the Peas

Mojo - 2918 004

Condition - EX/EX

The JB's were James Brown's backing band and this 1972 album of storming funk was produced by the man himself.

Only a few albums were issued on the Mojo label and they're all sought after and tricky to find.


Revolutionary Blues Band - Revolutionary Blues Ban

RCA - RCA  SF 8351

Condition - NEX/EX

Now here's an odd one. A Bob Thiele production, which is a guarantee of quality, the band features Tom Scott, David Cohen and even a vocal by Lightnin' Rod. The jazzy nature of the players makes for a thrilling take on the blues.

Issued in 1970 it must have escaped rather than be released because copies are very scarce indeed


Brenda & Tabulations - Dry Your Eyes

Action - ACLP 6003

Condition - NEX/NEX

Everything on the Action label is collectable and this 1968 album is one of the rarest items in the catalogue. Brenda & the Tabs were part of the Philly Sound and had a minor hit in the UK with "Dry Your Eyes" which is probably why they got to release this scarce album.


Mike Vernon - Bring It Back Home

One of the rarest Blue Horizon albums and featuring the legendary blues producer Mike Vernon supported by an all-star group of musicians including Paul Kossoff, Rory Gallagher, Rick Hayward, Pete Wingfield and others.

This is a fabulous album, much underrated and almost impossible to find.

For me the outstanding track is the lengthy Brown Alligator with outstanding guitar.

This copy is in beautiful EX/EX condition and it has the rare insert.


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