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This is a small sample of our U.S. Garage/Psych albums. You can access our main lists via our "Listings" page

National Gallery - Interpretations Of Paul Klee

Philips - 600 266 - U.S Issue

Condition - NEX/EX - with insert

Great 1968 album - a mix of psych, folk and avant garde which does what it says on the tin and attempts to provide musical pictures of the Paul Klee paintings shown on the insert. The musicians are anonymous but the picture of the band show a 4 piece including a foxy chick!

Causing a bit of a stir at the moment so now's the chance to pick up a nice copy.


Fifth Estate - Ding Dong the Witch Is Dead

Jubilee - JGS 8005 - U.S Issue

Condition VG/EX

The title track (from the Wizard Of Oz) was a big hit in the U.S in 1967 and it's a fun bubble-gum version. The album is a good mix of pop, Brtit Invasion and bubble-psych with covers of I'm a Believer and Midnight Hour.


Boston Tea Party - Boston Tea Party

Flick Disc - FLS 45000 - U.S Issue

Condition - NEX/EX

1968 album from this obscure Californian five-piece band. The material is self composed psychedelia, the guitarist - Mike Stevens - is great and the cover is a nice psychedelic splash.

What's not too like?


Howl the Good - Howl the Good

Rare Earth - R 537L - U.S.

Condition - EX/EX

A Gary Wright production on Tamla Motown's progressive label. He contributes a couple of songs and the album is heavy with a touch of, inevitable, Spooky Toothness.

Good hard rock - not metal - hard rock!


Count Five - Psychotic Reaction

Double Shot - DSM 1001 - U.S.

Condition - NEX/EX

Classic garage/psych album from 1967 full of snotty garage rock and including the classic title track and the almost as good Double Decker Bus.


Lightning - Lightning

P.I.P - PP 6807 - U.S.

Condition - NEX/EX

Great hard rock from the group formed by Zip Caplan after he left the awesome Litter. In fact, this is very similar to the third Litter album and features Caplan's great guitar playing.

Nice, primitive psychy cover too!


Bruce Mackay - Bruce Mackay

Oro - ORO 1 - U.S

Condition - NEX/EX

Oro was a subsidiary of the ESP label and this rare album has all the strangeness of the parent label. The material is self composed and he's supported by a couple of Pearls Before Swine along with harpsichords, flute, clarinet etc

It's got a great hippy feel with a healthy dose of other-worldliness


Wilburn Burchette - Guitar Grimoire

Burchette Brothers - 001 - U.S

Condition - EX/EX

Mr Burnette has produced a whole series of these private pressings. They are all odd mixes of guitaring and electronics and, to give you an idea of what he's aiming at, here's an extract from the sleeve notes-

"Transcendental vibrations on the impro guitar for meditations spells rites incantations rituals and ceremonial magic of the craft. Insptrational music for witches wizards mystics and covens"



Music Machine - Talk Talk

Pye Int - 7N 25407

Condition - EX

Original 1966 UK issue of this essential piece of Nuggets garage/psyche. rare and great.


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