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Natural Acoustic Band - Learning To Live

RCA - SF 8272 -

Condition - EX/EX

Great progressive folk album from 1972 by this Scottish trio. Vocals by the talented Krysia Kocjan and, musically, similar to the highly rated Dando Shaft. Lovely textured gatefold sleeve too.


Genesis - Foxtrot

Charisma - CAS 1058 - U.S Issue

Condition - EX/EX

A common album you say, but this is definitley not so common! Firstly, it's on the pink/scroll label, which makes it very scarce but it has also been nicely autographed by the whole band which must make it more or less unique.

The autographs were obtained at a Manchester gig in the early 70's and a Certificate Of Authenticity will be supplied with the album.


Syrinx - Long Lost Relatives

True North - TN2 - Canadian Issue

Condition - NEX/EX

Scarce second album from these pioneers in electronic music. Issued in 1971 it's a mix of percussion, sax and electronics which creates a very distinctive atmosphere. The band were based in Toronto and led by John Mills-Cockell who went on to produce more fine experimental music after the band split in 1972.


Third Ear Band - Elements

Harvest - SHVL 773 (pre EMI logo)

Condition - VG/EX

Fantastic second album from this hippy/psychedelic outfit who absorbed oriental and exotic influences into their eclectic mix. This album, issued in 1970, has four challenging pieces and is a genuine rewarding experience.


Led Zeppelin - Volume 4

Atlantic - K 50008 - lilac vinyl

Condition - NEX/EX

Legendary band, legendary album and this is the limited edition with the lilac coloured vinyl issued in 1978. Over 30 years ago!!!


Free - Highway

Island - SIL 934100 - Australian Issue

Condition - NEX/EX

Poor selling 1970 album from this classic rock outfit. The UK issue came with the palm/pink rim label but this Oz issue has the very desireable pink "i" label. Contains the tracks The Stealer and the lovely Soon I Will Be Gone


Kraftwerk - Kraftwerk

Vertigo - 6641 077 - double set - spaceship label

Condition NEX/EX

The debut album from the most influential of the German bands and this is probably their most experimental outing and certainly the one that influenced their compatriots Can, Faust & Neu. It's hard to believe that from these avant-garde beginnings came an institution that fills dance floors the whole world over!


Thin Lizzy - Black Rose

Vertigo - 6360 169 - Indian Issue

Condition - EX/EX - "swirl" label

Great band, great album - this is the line up with Gary Moore on guitar - but the real attraction here is that this rare Indian pressing is on the collectable Vertigo "swirl" label. Probably not available anywhere else on the planet in this form and a must-have for "swirl" collectors.


Edward H. Dafis - Ffordd Newydd Eingl....

Sain - 1034

Condition EX/EX

Second album from these Welsh rock legends who had a fanatical Welsh following in the mid-seventies. This album, issued in 1975 on the obscure (and very collectable) Sain label, is a prime example of their splendid folk into rock. 


Mothers - The ******** Of the Mothers

Verve - 710022 - German Issue

Condition - EX/EX

German only collection in a great laminated gatefold. Material is the earlier psychy Freak Out kind of stuff that everyone should have.


Pink Floyd - Dark Side Of the Moon

Harvest - 068 1046602 - picture disc

Condition - EX

Classic album and this is a beautiful picture disc version issued in Spain. One side has the classic "prism" image and the other side has the famous shot of the pyramids. You can play it, of course, but I'd be tempted to frame it.


Freddie Mercury - Love Me Like There's No Tom...

CBS - TA6725

Condition - EX/EX

Freddie Mercury had a substantial career outside Queen and, despite his star status, not everything he did alone was a hit. This 1985 12" single was a very poor seller and is very difficult to find, especially in this sort of condition.


Genesis - From Genesis To Revelation

Pax - ISK 1158 - Israeli issue

Condition - NEX/EX

The UK original is extremely rare and the subsequent reissues are getting difficult to find. This is a stereo issue on the Israeli Pax label and it's almost unheard of. The band were finding their feet at this time but there are definite hints of what was to come.


Robert Plant - Principle Of Moments

WEA - 79-0101-1

Condition - EX/EX

The rock-god who came back to earth and got on with the job of producing good music in a lengthy solo career. This 1982 album was a big seller and is quite common but this copy has been nicely dedicated and autographed by Robert. It also comes with the 1983 tour programme.

A certificate of authenticity will be supplied.


Frida - Ensam

Polar - POLS 265 - Swedish issue

Condition - EX/EX

All the members of Abba had careers outside the group and this 1975 album by the really sexy member is pretty damn good. The versions of Life On Mars and Wall Street Shuffle stand up well to the originals and the musicianship is first class.

As for the cover.....suffice to say that we once took a copy to a record fair and a poor chap declared he was "having palpitations" after studying it for a while. We thought he was joking until the ambulance arrived....


Frank Zappa - Waka Jawaka Hot Rats

Bizarre/Reprise - 2094 - U.S Issue (promo)

Condition - NEX/EX

A genuine U.S. promo copy of Franks' 1972 album of mutated jazz-fusion featuring George Duke and Aynsley Dunbar. This copy has the original inner bag inviting you to order the ultra-weird Zapped compilation. I wonder if I could use it now....


Endalf Emlyn - Mewn Cariad

Sain  - 1051M

Condition EX/EX

Scarce 1976 album of Welsh prog/psych on the hugely collectable Sain label. Endalf is supported by a full band and he plays guitar, moog and mellotron himself. This copy has the scarce insert and the sleeve is worth framing


Various - Nottingham Castle Rock

Nottingham Festival Fringe - FEST 002

Condition - VG/EX

In these days when the history of progressive music has been scrutinised in amazing detail it's good to find an early 70's collection of obscure prog, folk and jazz of a very high standard.

This is a private pressing sponsored by BBC Radio Nottingham and it features great stuff from Odysseus, Autumn Design, Centuaris and, ahem...Satans Vomit


Jaki Whitren - Raw But Tender

Epic - EPC 65645

Condition - EX/EX

Albums like this make me feel elated and sad at the same time. It's an absolutley brilliant collection of folk & blues with a country flavour. Jaki has a great voice and the material is strong throughout. Backing musicians include Albert lee, Harry Beckett, Pat Donalson, Gerry Conway & Gordon Huntley. So why did it not sell 1000's and make her a star?

Maybe Epic gave up on her after this album or maybe she gave up on the business but either way it was our loss.


Ginger Baker - Ginger Baker's Air Force

Polydor - 2662 001 - double set

Condition - NEX/EX

Well, he had the money, the chops and the ego so why not assemble a huge band - including Steve Winwood, Graham Bond, Chris Wood, Harold McNair, Phil Seaman and others - and go out and play.

On the plus side there's the genesis of his love of Afro rhythyms and some good grooves and, on the down side, there are way too many drum solos.

Whatever, it's a period piece and horribly rare.


Led Zeppelin - Led Zeppelin

Atlantic 588 171 - "plum" label

Condition EX/EX

The classic Zep album issued in 1969. This has the plum labels and the Warner Bros credits on the label. It also has the A1/B1 matrixes and the grey stripe at the bottom of the iconic laminated sleeve. And it is in superb condition, as good a copy as we have ever seen. I don't need to describe the music, do I?!


Rainbow - Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow

Oyster - OYA 2001 - with the rare oyster shell label

Condition - NEX/EX

This 1975 debut album from Ritchie Blackmore & Co is basically a continuation of the classic Deep Purple sound with Ronnie James Dio taking the Ian Gillan role. I didn't think much of it at the time of issue but now it sounds like a classic slice of hard rock. Man On the Silver Mountain & Catch the Rainbow are classic tracks.

It certainly sold well enough but 99% of all the copies sold are on the red Oyster/Polydor label and only 1% - the earliest of pressings - have the oyster shell label which makes them rare and very collectible  


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